Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Adventure Begins

Session_1_a.jpgGrey Fish – 3rd Level Half Orc Monk
Baphoment – 3rd Level Tiefling Warlock
Hamoot – 3rd Level Dwarf Cleric
Thane – 3rd Level Human Rogue
After saving Sildar Hothwinter’s caravan from the goblin attack and defeating their leader Klarg the bugbear and his ogre bodyguard, Sildar brought the group to the town of Phandalin. Upon arrival he payed for the group’s night at Stonehill Inn. During the groups time at the Inn they met the Inn’s owner Toblin Stonehill. He explained to them that the red cloak bandits have been taking as they please and have become a larger threat to Phandalin. He explained that the bandits had been harassing a local woodworker named Thel Dendrar. The party insisted that they go to investigate the wood workers house in which Toblin’s son Adam volunteered to take the group to the house the following morning. At dawn the party made their way to the house. Upon arrival it was very clear that there was forced entry. The house was trashed and no one was found inside. As the party continued investigating, the next-door neighbour Halia approached them and explained that she saw the red cloaks abduct the family and that she was sure that the bandits brought them to Tresendar Manor since the red cloaks typically hang out in that area of town.
Once the party arrived at Tresendar Manor it became obvious that the place was in ruins. The party went around back and found stairs leading to a basement entrance. Grey snuck in first through the entrance. He walked through a dark hallway until he came to a large room that was lit very well. It had allot of crates inside and had a pool of water in the center of it that was about 12ft deep. He went back to get the rest of the party before proceeding. As the group entered the room they discovered two doors. One was in plain sight and had voices on the other end, while the second door was hidden under a stair case. The party opened the door which lead into a hallway. Grey and Thane went first into the hallway only to have a trap door open from under them. Luckily their reflexes allowed them to get to the other side while Hamoot and Baphoment slowly climbed across small ledges on the wall. On the other side of the trapdoor was a door that lead to a very dark room. As the party entered it became apparent that the room was filled with coffins. Skeletons began to emerge from them, but the group quickly put them all down. Hamoot than decided to be a nice guy and cast light to help out the stupid rogue who doesn’t have dark vision. After searching the room the group ran into two doors, one on the left and one on the right. The door on the left lead to an armoury that also contained some red cloaks, while the door on the right lead to a small jail that the woodworkers family was being held in, but the wood worker wasn’t there.
The party released their family and brought them back to the surface and then returned to the central room with the pool. They decided to then go to the door with voices on the other end and used the red cloaks as disguises. Inside the room there was some more crates and three red cloak thugs that Baphomet convinced to bring us to their boss since the party was the new recruits. Two of the thugs brought the party back to the main room and pushed in a lose brick to reveal a secret door. As the party went into the room, Thane snuck back to kill the third thug. Thane caught back up to the group just as they passed a demon that was feasting on weird colored flames that were coming out of a large crack in the ground. The bandits said that the creature was the guardian and that we should just ignore it. We continued to the bandit’s leader who quickly realised that the group wasn’t the new recruits. The battle started with Grey and Thane charging the leader while Hamoot and Baphomet fighting the body guards. The bandit leader cast a spell that paralyzed Thane. Grey and Baphoment continued to fight the bandits while Hamoot cast a spell to cure Thane’s paralysis. Thane, Baphomet, and Hamoot quickly put down the body guards, but this lead to Grey becoming paralyzed by the leader. After this Baphomet quickly dealt the killing blow to the leader and Hamoot helped grey deal with the paralysis. The group took everything that wasn’t bolted down in the leader’s room which lead the group to finding a note that told the leader to bring all of the goods they have been stealing to an area that is 6 miles West of the town and just off of the coast. The group also found a tied up goblin named Reek who told the group that a drow had been at Tresendar Manor recently. The group contacted Sildar who informed the group that the destination explained in the note was the site of a haunted house and that they were the new owners of Tresendar Manor.

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